Hood Cleaning Service

JNJ Services uses proven methods for removing grease and flammable residues from the interior surfaces of kitchen hood canopies, filters, duct-work and exhaust fans. We ensure compliance with fire and health codes to ensure our work is done safely.

We hand and or steam clean the entire kitchen exhaust hood and duct system from top to bottom. Each Kitchen Exhaust Hood system includes everything, from the fan and duct, filters, to bare metal-all in accordance with NFPA 96 Code Standards for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection.

When it comes to kitchen hood cleaning, the lead technician will meet with the location manager and do a walk-through, explaining the cleaning that will be performed and looking for difficult areas. We will then go through a test run with the exhaust fan to make everything is working properly. The kitchen will then be wrapped in plastic to protect appliances and equipment, and filters will be removed and prepped for cleaning.

The entire kitchen will then be cleaned and organized to ensure that it looks as good or better than when the service technicians arrived. Service stickers will be added to the hood showing the date of service, company name, technician’s name and any areas not cleaned (per NFPA 96). Our exhaust cleaning company goes through extensive steps to make sure everything is spotless when we leave.

The system will then be turned back on and allowed to run, to expedite drying process. A post service report will be filled out noting any deficiencies and/or challenges. If you are looking for power washing or vent hood cleaning, we are the company for you. Call JNJ Services in Shawnee, KS for our hood cleaning service.

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

We here at JNJ Services have the experience to do any commercial kitchen cleaning job above and beyond your standards. We perform commercial kitchen deep cleaning & detailing assisted by heavy detergents with high & low pressure washing equipment.

We will thoroughly wash, clean and sanitize ceilings, walls, floors, doors, door jams, drains, sink areas, table tops and frames. However, storage racks, processing equipment, cooler boxes, refrigeration evaporator coils and fans electronics and scales are not included.

The area to be cleaned must be cleared by your employees prior to the service. We are then able to perform custom cleaning to your specifications. We thoroughly power wash, scrub or chemically clean most surfaces. Whether you need a quality steam clean, a power wash of all interior and exterior surfaces, tile floors, concrete, masonry, epoxy, drives, walks, asphalt , you name it- we can do it! Restroom and facilities, food preparation and service departments windows, either interior and exterior, can all be taken care of when you hire our outstanding services.

We can help with restaurant hood cleaning, hotel kitchen cleaning and anything in between. We do all hood ducts cleaning any type of commercial work, including hospital kitchen cleaning.

If you are in need of an excellent commercial kitchen cleaning service, call JNJ Services in Shawnee, KS for more information on all of our services.

Power Washing Service

If your home or business needs power washing, contact JNJ Services today. Pressure washing is the way to go for removing build-up and giving your surfaces a face lift. It's an excellent method of preserving the life of building materials, which in the long run will help you to save money on costly repairs. Maintenance through routine cleaning is the best way to prevent your property from degrading.

Allow our pressure washing services to restore your property and make it look like new again. When it comes to cleaning services, pressure washing offers our customers an effective means of removing dirt, oil, stains and grime from any surface. so if you need grease exhaust cleaning or any other tough to clean services, call us today!

To learn about this service and many more, contact JNJ Services in Shawnee, KS. We deliver nothing less than the best in cleaning services!

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